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​Hope Media advertising, promotion business:

1. Brand promotion, according to the characteristics of the brand custom brand advertising. Brand promotion in Hope Show, so that the customer's brand enjoys popular support, the effective increase in customer traffic and user volume.

​Classic case:, traffic increased by 10 times +, the number of users, the number of stores also achieved a massive increase.

2. Feeds AD, Hope Media and partners advertise at Hope Show.

3. User operations, enterprise development for the user growth program, thereby contributing to user growth.

4. App download ads, according to the distribution of customer ID channels to provide customers with App download ads.

​5. Hope Show brand sponsors such as housing, cars, jewelry, watches, clothing and other brands provide housing, cars, jewelry, watches, clothing and other goods for the Hope Show as Hope Show sponsorship.

Hope Media advertising, public relations, brand cooperation, image endorsement, brand sponsorship, cut the ribbon, brand sponsors:
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Hope Media Talent Requirement:

Hope Media Chief Media Relations Officer
Work experience requirements are currently in the Hope Media partners or partners DT partner to engage in DT cooperation and sharing. Proficient in English, the best proficient in multiple languages.
Target companies: Google, Youtube, G +, Facebook, Twitter, CNBC, VK, Rt and so on.
Responsible for Hope Media and partners to sign the Hope Media Alliance agreement, and to monitor the partners to comply with the Hope Media Alliance agreement, such as unified Hope Show IP, broadcast channels for the development of Hope Show advertising program. Expand new partners. And the United States well-known Talk show platform for bidding cooperation, the introduction of exclusive Hope Show.

Law office
Work experience is required to engage in cooperation with partners and DT-related copyright protection, rights protection work.
Forms of work:
Hope Media and the selected law firm signed a licensing agreement, commissioned by the law firm Hope Media for copyright protection, rights protection work.
such as:
Companies that do not comply with the Hope Media Alliance Agreement are required to discontinue playback of the Hope Media Content and to claim against them.
Partners like Hope Media collect accounts payable and late fees.

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