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You may have a lot of locks, but lostk bluetooth lock only has one master.

​Hope Product Design for LostK bluetooth lock:

Till now I have know why the customer and market need lostk. I also know the relevant knowledge about how to create this lock and how to build it(using 3D printer).

The next step:

1. Contact the Lrkutsk National Research Technical University to get investment and 3D lab to make the prototype.

1.1 Find the relevant information in Lrkutsk about the investment and 3D lab.

2. Make the team for lostk and register the company in Russia.

2.1 Find partners.

2.2 Find how to register company in Russia.

Technical relevant job:

1. Bluetooth integration solution evaluation and selection. One of choice is Qualcomm's CSR. The requirements are little, cheap and safe.

1.1 When choice the correct Bluetooth integration provider contact the provider get the relevant tool-chain for example software and hardware to develop the lostk bluetooth integration solution.

2. 3D printer evaluation and selection to make the lock.

3. Battery evaluation and selection.

4. Test the bluetooth link's response(include the full period from connect to verify to communication etc...). The requirements are low delay lower than 5s.

Products line:

1. padlock.

2. door lock.

3. computer lock.

4. car lock.​​