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​​All content related to Hope Show is copyrighted by Hope Media, all rights reserved. Reproduction or rewritten in whole or part without written permission is prohibited. Partners using Hope Show IP need contact Hope Media sign a formal partnership agreement to get copyright show content created by Hope Show on their media platforms. Partners provide dedicated, fixed accounts (channels) for Hope Show, use unified name called "Hope Show" and use unified logo for Hope Show. Hope Media and partners advertise at Hope Show. Partners earn revenue based on the amount of traffic they contribute, number of viewers, in-stream feeds ads, click ads, video ads, and so on. Hope Media earns revenue based on the partners' share of advertising revenue. According to the Hope Media Income Distribution Plan Partners (founders, employees) have contributed to Hope Show, and are the founders of Hope Media, will receive Hope Media shares and revenue based on their contributions. Hope Media reserves the right of final interpretation.


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The world's first crowdsourcing self-media polymerization platform, in the world with hundreds of millions of fans.

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